Monday, December 18, 2006

Work in Progress: Ira's Home Theater

As it says in my profile, I'm an audiophile and an equipment junkie, so I had to post(/brag) about my home theater system. It's not the most expensive setup around, but it sounds pretty damn good for anything from Autechre to zydeco, and The Matrix shakes the floor.

2x JBL LSR32s
2x Bose 301 (my roommate's old speakers, being used as surrounds)
1x B&W CC6 center channel
1x Aguilar GS212

1x TEAC POS receiver
1x Harman Kardon AVR 330
1x Crown K1
1x SWR 750x

1x Monster Power HTS 3600

Tara Labs Prism Omni speaker cables, Canare L-2T2S interconnects, Vampire, Homegrown, and Canare connectors, all hand-terminated with Cardas or Kester solder

1x Westinghouse LVM37-w1
1x Samsung LN-T5265F

1x XBox 360
1x HTPC running Windows XP Windows Vista Ultimate
1x Scientific Atlanta 8300 HDC

1x Logitech Harmony 890 universal remote
2x nameless black wood speaker stands
2x American Recording Technologies studio monitor stands

UPDATE (1/15/07):
Picked up a Harman Kardon AVR 330. The 645 was overkill for what I wanted, since I don't use HDMI at this point, and the 330 was a steal. I also got a pair of JBL E30s with it, which I'll either use as surrounds or give to my parents.

UPDATE 2 (2/13/07):
Found a mint B&W CC6 center channel. It's not quite as high-end as I was planning to go, but there's not enough space for a big center speaker, so this one will do nicely until I buy a warehouse. And then I'll just outfit the whole place with Turbosound.

UPDATE 3 (3/12/08):
Well, the Westinghouse TV blew up, but my roommate got his bonus and replaced it with a 52" Samsung that looks quite good on the wall of our new place. I picked up an SWR 750x and an Aguilar GS212 to play my bass through, and that stack is pulling double-duty as a massively overpowered subwoofer. Also got a Monster HTS 3600, mainly so that I could switch off the Crown using a remote. And finally, we got a new couch that sits in the way of the audio rack, so I just HAD to get a Logitech Harmony 890 to control the whole system via RF (and the one-button system configuration is nice, too). Converted all the display cables, too - the 360 now displays via VGA, the Scientific Atlanta PVR via HDMI, and the HTPC via DVI->HDMI.

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Dan McKinley said...

Ah, here you are. You should have let me know about this.