Monday, December 4, 2006

Start me up

I'm firing up another DBA blog, one that I'll hopefully be able to hang onto this time. I used to be the primary (or at least most prolific) contributor to DBA IQ, but I've moved on from that blog for two reasons. First, Google forced me to sign up for the Blogger beta, which removed my account from that blog, and second, I've changed jobs, and DBA IQ was set up as a sounding board for the stellar DBA team led by Rob Liander at Capital IQ.

I'm now at Bank of America working on the Global Credit Products team, where I'll be working on many of the same SQL development and management challenges that I did at Capital IQ and hopefully writing about the interesting ones. I won't go into the details of why I changed positions, but I will say that I knocked 30 minutes off my daily commute! Seriously, though, CapIQ is a great company (ahem, division of McGraw-Hill) and is full of cool and very bright people. Everyone should read Dan McKinley's development-focused blog and DBA IQ, which will hopefully continue to be updated by Rob, Mike Forman, and the other senior DBAs there.

I've mostly been working on getting up to speed here so far, although I've authored and implemented a new DR strategy for my team and I've been working on performance tuning. Stay tuned for more interesting SQL Server posts soon.

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