Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Loading Fixed Width files with BCP / Bulk Insert

I had to craft some format files in order to load a couple of fixed width files using the SQL Server BULK INSERT / bcp tools, and had some issues with the documentation when trying to get them to work.

So let me state this explicitly: when attempting to load a file with no line breaks, you do not need a terminator for any field in your format file. Just specify all the field lengths, set the xsi:type to CharFixed, and the whole thing should stream in. Ex:

<field id="1" type="CharFixed" length="12" />
<field id="2" type="CharFixed" length="3" />
<field id="3" type="CharFixed" length="5" />
<column source="1" name="series" type="SQLCHAR" />
<column source="2" name="pool" type="SQLCHAR" />
<column source="3" name="deal" type="SQLCHAR" />

You can still mix and match - have a terminator for the last field in each line, for example - but if your file has 0 line breaks, you don't need it.

Also, the easiest way I found to handle skipping columns was to use OPENROWSET(BULK). Just make sure you're selecting the names of the columns from the ROW section of the format file, not the RECORD section.


SELECT series, deal FROM
OPENROWSET(BULK 'source.txt',
) as x;

The documentation covers that part a bit better, but just wanted to reproduce it for my own sake, since I'm sure I'll forget how I did it between now and the next time I use BULK INSERT a few years from now.

P.S. Gotta throw in a plug for here for making my code actually paste into Blogger and look decent to boot.

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