Monday, September 8, 2008

Programming Languages I know

To pick up the latest blog mini-meme (courtesy of Corey Goldberg), here's The List of programming languages I have learned:

1. AppleScript
2. C
3. Java
4. Lisp (Scheme)
5. C++
6. JavaScript
8. PHP
9. T-SQL
10. VBScript
11. C#
12. Python

Kind of a strange order, no? Mostly driven by expediency, except Scheme and C++, which I learned in college.

UPDATE: Dan points out that ANSI SQL is not Turing complete and should be asterisked, so I guess I'm down to 11.5. Let's see your monster list, Dan - has been pretty quiet lately.


Dan McKinley said...

Is ANSI SQL Turing complete? That is something I have heard repeated, anyway, although Turing-completeness is a property of fairly trivial systems so personally I kind of suspect that it is. Maybe you should asterisk that one.

Ira Pfeifer said...

ANSI-92 is not, at least according to one of my profs at Cal. The standard DBA line when defending SQL as a programming language is that it's Turing complete with proprietary extensions.

Dan McKinley said...

Well this also depends on whether or not you want to insist that something has to be Turing complete to be considered a programming language. The definition is fuzzy enough to allow different interpretations.

I would personally draw the line like this: SQL 92 in, descendants of SGML out.