Friday, September 5, 2008

DTS Editing doesn't work in SQL 2008?

I've been running the SQL 2008 RTM for a few weeks now, and generally it works fine. But today I needed to open an ancient DTS package (it's not from my team, all our stuff is SSIS), and couldn't do it. First it told me I needed the SQL 2005 Backwards Compatibility components. "That's odd," I thought, "I could have sworn I installed all of that when I ran the SQL 2008 setup. And why is it asking for the 2005 components?"

It appears that Microsoft has simply updated the 2005 BC component install to work with 2008. Fine. I installed that, and tried to open the package again. No dice.

So I went to find those components. Found the package, installed it... to no effect whatsoever! I still get the same message! Note to Microsoft: if you don't want me to edit DTS packages in 2008 and have deprecated that functionality entirely, fine. Just TELL ME instead of popping up worthless error messages whose instructions I follow to no avail.


Chris said...

I recently had the same issue, but found the solution here:


Ira Pfeifer said...

Hey, great. Thanks for the link!