Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Stupid general-purpose connection errors

Had to debug a stupid error today being thrown by the VBscript we use to deploy DTS packages. Here's the text of the error:

[DBNETLIB][ConnectionRead (WrapperRead()).]

Pretty helpful, huh?

Although it wasn't difficult to debug after I got access to the script source. Here's the line that was producing the error:

Set oPackageSQLServer = oApplication.GetPackageSQLServer(sDestServer, sUser , sPwd , 0)

I tried connecting to the server using the same credentials, which broke with another unhelpful error. Then I logged into the server directly and tried logging in there, where it informed me that the default database for that user was unavailable. Aha! That DB was in the middle of a restore. So I changed the default database and was able to transfer packages.

I'm posting this so that somebody trying to track down this error with the PackageSQLServer object might land here and see this message:

Check your login credentials!

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Anne said...

quite fun to read my own son's blog! I understood all the articles and conjunctions :-) Mom