Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Rare, Simple SQL Wait Fix

A "power user" reported some slowness on one of our big servers today while it was being pummeled by about 60 simultaneous executions of the same script. The wait type was PAGELATCH_UP, which I vaguely recalled to mean something about allocation contention. The Microsoft Waits and Queues tuning guide confirmed that, so I checked the wait resources. They all started with 2:6 and 2:9, so it definitely had to do with tempdb.

This server is pretty beefy, a 4-socket quad-core with Xeon 7350s, but tempdb only had 8 files. I know that the rule of thumb of 1 file per core is no longer quite so hard and fast, but I figured it probably wouldn't hurt here. Created an extra 8 files, equalized the file sizes on the current ones, and had the user kick off the process again.

No waits! Or at least, no PAGELATCH_UP waits. Some SOS_SCHEDULER_YIELDs and CXPACKETs, but I took that to mean that we had successfully shifted the bottleneck off of allocations and onto CPU, where it should be.

It's rare that 5 minutes of configuration change can effect a significant gain in process speed, but it's pretty satisfying when it happens.

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