Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More Resolver One nice-to-haves

Working on Resolver One stuff again, and came up with a few more things I'd like to see.

I've been having problems moving some of my IronPython code out of my worksheet and into an IronPython module, but I assume that's due to my own lack of understanding of the clr - the external libraries seem to get hung up on the import statements and not get any further.

Which leads me to my first request: enable an easy way to reload a workbook. At the moment, any time I make a change in an external file, I have to close the entire workbook and re-open it. I can't just recalculate and have it re-import the module, I have to close the workbook (which generally means the entire program) and re-open it. It would be nice to have a way to "Reload from disk" or something similar that does a thorough reinitialization of the environment.

The second thing is something I just posted about on the Resolver forums, so I'm hopeful that I'll come upon a solution via that line of inquiry, but basically, I want SSL support in Resolver. I was trying to connect to a gmail server and use starttls() from smtplib, but couldn't do it because of the lack of SSL support in IronPython 2.6.0, which I believe is what's under the hood in Resolver One.

I'm using Resolver for a couple projects now, so here's hoping that development continues and that I can see some of these things working in the future.


Giles said...

Hey Ira,

Thanks for the feedback -- I think the first one might be more of a documentation flaw, you should be able to reload everything by doing shift-F9, or holding shift while you click the "recalculate" button. Re: SSL support -- that should be doable using .NET, I (or someone else) will take a look when we get into the office tomorrow.



Ira Pfeifer said...

Thanks, Giles!