Thursday, December 16, 2010

More notes on Resolver One

Still generally liking Resolver One, but there are some limitations that are bothering me and associated requests I'd like to make.

1) Sorting!

How is there no sorting in place yet? They implemented CHITEST before sorting-in-place!?

2) Assignment

Some more "magic" assignment methods would be welcome. Something like

myCellRange = myListOfLists # aka 2D array


myRow = myList

That seems like a straightforward thing to implement, but instead I have to iterate over both and assign each value manually.

3) Row and Column Numbers

It would be very helpful if the code editor had a display with row and column numbers at the bottom.

1 comment:

Giles said...

Hi there,

I'm at Resolver and just thought I should say thanks for looking at Resolver One! You're right, it does seem crazy that we've got the statistics functions but not sorting -- I guess it's the ultimate result of prioritising what our users have asked for, combined with a *very* stats-oriented user base :-) Still, I've added a "vote" to the ticket for sorting in our issue-tracking system.

Regarding the other suggestions -- both are great, I've entered them things we should consider adding as future enhancements.