Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Notepad++ 5.3.1 breaks the Compare plugin

I use Notepad++ all the time for quick editing of SQL, Python, XML, and all sorts of other types of files, and when I opened it today, it told me there was an update available, so I updated to 5.3.1 .

Then this afternoon when I went to compare two SQL files using the Compare plugin, I couldn't find it, and spent a good 5 minutes combing through the menus before I realized it was really gone. Arggh!

I use the Compare tool all the time, so I immediately downgraded to version 5.2, where it still works. So just a note of caution if you use Compare in Notepad++, 5.3.1 appears to break it - hopefully they'll get that straightened out soon.


Gino said...
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Gino said...

I upgraded to Notepad++ v5.3.1 (UNICODE) and it told me it would delete Compare.dll, but you could select "Get more plugins" after installation. I downloaded from sourceforge " 231468 50801 i386 " and it works fine???

Ira Pfeifer said...

Cool, good to know. I'll give that a shot.

Sean said...

I also upgraded to version 5.3.1 and manually installed the Compare plugin (

But i found it does not work well. For example, compare results are missing the + next to added lines, and the mark function doesn't work. Problems persist after selecting Compare > Clear results. I guess that's why the developer chose to remove this plugin from release 5.3.1.

I note they are looking for someone to pickup development of this plugin.

Adriano Ferrari said...

Thanks for the tip guys!
I was missing out on the Compare function, but I didn't realize that it was actually deleted in the update.

Installing manually worked fine, and Comparev1.5.4 doesn't seem to have that problem with the missing pluses.