Thursday, September 20, 2007

Regex for linked servers

As part of the DTS migration I mentioned in my last post, I wrote a few functions to find less-than-ideal code. One thing we wanted to get rid of was linked-server joins, and the easiest way to find those was to check each Execute SQL task using a regular expression (long live Regulazy). So once again I'm using this blog as my personal source repository and re-producing the regex for this.

Regex for linked server queries:

I tried to generate an expression to find "SELECT...INTO" where ... did not contain @ or FROM, but couldn't figure it out with the meager regex capabilities of VBScript. Seems like a lookahead or lookbehind would probably work for this purpose, but according to the 4 Guys From Rolla, VBScript regex does not support these.

UPDATE: Spent a little more time on it and figured out a suitable regular expression to find instances of SELECT INTO that excludes INSERT INTO and SELECT FROM.

Regex for SELECT INTO:

UPDATE 2: My first SELECT INTO regex was foiled by something like "SELECT foo, bar, admintool from ...", so I fixed it to make sure there's whitespace before and after the SELECT and the INTO.


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